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1.Can I install Gill Arm Lock™ on any Glock Pistol?
You can use Gill Arm Lock™ with Glock G17, G19, G20, G22, G23, G25, G31, G32, G34 and G35 You can install on Generation 3, Generation 4 and previous generation of applicable pistols.

2.Where can I purchase Gill Arm Lock™ and how much it will cost me?
You can purchase on this website under Purchase Product tab. Current price is $ 54.95.

3.How can I install Gill Arm Lock™ on my Glock pistol?
Here are installation instructions below:

Installation Instructions: 

  • Remove magazine from pistol and make sure gun in unloaded.
  • Remove detent ball pin from the forward pointed adaptor.
  • Insert forward pointed adaptor into hollow socket on backside of the grip.
  • Push adaptor upward until pointed end is fully inserted and fits firm with the pistol.
  • Insert detent ball pin when hole on the backstrap of the pistol grip is in-line with hole of the forward adaptor.
  • Unscrew wing nut and adjust sight angle by engaging different position of radial teeth so that aft upper arc pushes forearms firmly downward when your pistol sight is in-line with the target.
  • Firmly tight wing nut after adjusting sight angle and you are ready to engage to the target.

4. Is this legal to buy Gill Arm Lock™? Do I need special permit or license to purchase it or use it?
Gill Arm Lock™ is legal to purchase and use. There is no requirement of special permit of license for it. Here is ATF Statement bellow per ATF Letter # 3311/2012-1138”:

“FTB has determined that the subject device is designed as a stabilizing aid and is not designed as a shoulder stock. Further, the device, in and of itself, is not regulated under Federal firearms status. Finally, the addition of the subject device to a handgun does not constitute the manufacture of a “firearm” as defined in the NFA". FTB is Firearms Technology branch of AFT.

5.What tools are required to install Gill Arm Lock™ on my Pistol?
No tools are required to install Gill Arm Lock™ to your pistol. You can adjust sight angle by loosing wing nut with hand and tightening it again by hand after sight angle in adjusted.

6. Do I need to remove Gill Arm Lock™ from pistol to change Magazine?
No. Magazine can be changed while Gill Arm Lock™ is installed on pistol without any restriction. 

7. What kind of warranty is offered?
We offer limited lifetime warranty. Gill Arm Lock™ is warranted to the original purchaser against any defect of material or manufacture of assembly. Damages occurred due to neglect, abuse or misuse are not covered. Defective product will be replaced either with complete new assembly or only defective part. 

8.Is Gill Arm Lock™ available in my country?
It depends on country. We do ship internationally. Please email us at and we will arrange international shipment for you.

9.Do you have Gill Arm Lock™ available for pistols other than Glock?
We are releasing Gill Arm Lock™ for 1911 and other pistols soon. Please visit our website later for more information.

10. I am left handed. Can I use Gill arm Lock?
Gill Arm Lock is ambidextrous. It works as good on left hand as it does on right hand.